Academics & Academy Awards: China Days 39 & 40.

Sorry for the cheesy titles, I’m related to my dad and can’t help it. 

Anyway, Wednesdays are full of classes for me. All of the classes here (except for Chinese classes) at TBC are taught seminar style, which means that they are three hour long classes that meet once a week. It’s actually pretty nice to only have classes once a week, except for on Wednesdays… On Wednesdays, I have 3 three hour classes. This makes for one really long day, so I’m always happy when my last class finally ends at 10:15 pm.

Thursday was a slightly more exciting day though. My Observing China class meets on Thursday afternoons, and we always get to do cool things with my awesome professor. This week’s adventure took us to a different part of downtown Beijing where we visited the Academy Award winning documentary maker Ruby Yang. We watched one of her films, The Warriors of Qiugang in her living room and got the chance to talk with her for a while. She was fun, dynamic, and open with us. She even let us hold her Academy Award! It was surprisingly heavy in person.

My class with Ruby Yang and the Academy Award in her Beijing apartment. This is also a picture of my darker hair, so I’m killing two birds with one stone!

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